SCC …  Special Commercial Constructions

Successful collaborations

More than 100 successful collaborations over the past 20 years.

High performing partnerships

Organizations do not work together, people do. “Chemistry” between people gives us amazing stories.

Customer satisfaction

We believe customer success is more than just having a great product or service.

Successful customers

It starts with a roadmap customized to your needs, leading to smooth development and followed by extensive support.

Passion & Experience

Passion, dedication and common goal! We are a team of exeptional experts.

Since 1991

We are constantly expanding our research, development, legislation and training resulting in an informative and insightful good practices.

Distribution programs

Distribution programs are bonded on representation and distribution contracts with chemical, industrial producers. More detailed specification and representation of our distribution programs can be found in distribution menu. Our distributions: Perstorp – Winning formulas, EGE Kimya, Oxido R.r.L, Ferro Italy, Lenzing AG, American Chemet Corporation, Kahl GmbH, JM Formox, Arizona Chemical, Elixens France, Floressence France

Industrial Chemicals

Chemicals are on stock in original packaging from producers. SCC d.o.o. is selling them in wholesale quantities.

Chemicals are in accordance with chemical laws. Our personel grants you quick and successful service.

We have available all necessary transport equipment, which allows us to deliver goods, to our customers as fast as possible.

All packagings have permissions for transportation of dangerous goods according to ADR and RID low.

For more detailes about our chemicals or programs please find enclosed list.

Perfumes MySpirit

High quality Perfumes with the highest concentrate of essential oils.

Manufactured from the best ingredients, originating directly form France Provanse

 Not super expensive as you can experience with other brands.

Carefully stored and packed inside specially developed thin aluminium containers.

Long-time experience

We are constantly gaining experience for more than 24 years now and are developing our own expertise and technology solutions. This way we can offer you the best solutions based on practical examples and good practices.

CEO, Miha, SCC d.o.o.
Offering whole services

Planning, distribution, transportation, marketing, realization and representation; all in one place! Knowing regulations allowes us to organize everything in accordance with the latest regulations. This way we relieve you of all unnecessary worries and make it possible for you to save time and money.

Nataša, SCC d.o.o.
Cooperation with experts

Solving complex situation is usually not achivable “out of the box”, therefore we have the best experts from the field! Have a question? Do not hasitate to ask us. We are willing to help.

Tanja, SCC d.o.o.

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