SCC d.o.o.

SCC d.o.o. is a commercial company, which is trading industrial chemicals and technical articles. The company was found in 1991. Since then it has been successfully working on the territory of Slovenia, ex-Yugoslav republics, Asia, Africa and all over European markets.

We beleive customer sucess is more than just having a great product or service. It starts with the roadmap customized to your needs, leading to smooth develompent and followed by extensive support. We’d Love to Hear From You, Get In Touch With Us!

10 Reasons Why?

  • Successfull collaboration
  • Knowing regulations
  • Long time experience
  • Cooperation with best experts
  • Satisfied customers
  • Offering whole services
  • Passion & experience
  • Advanced technologies
  • Research, development & testing
  • Attention to details
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We lead the industry. Anywhere. Anytime.

RHI offers complete refractories solutions for a wide variety of plants for environmental and energy technologies, [tooltip=”We supply our customers with more than just outstanding products. We serve them with future-oriented RHI refractories solutions.”]the chemical and petrochemical industries[/fusion_tooltip]. Their services range from the concept and planning of units, consulting and selection of the appropriate refractory products to the delivery, lining, logistics and after-sales service.

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