SCC d.o.o.

SCC d.o.o. is a commercial company, which is trading industrial chemicals and technical articles. The company was found in 1991. Since then it has been successfully working on the territory of Slovenia, ex-Yugoslav republics, Asia, Africa and all over European markets.

We beleive customer sucess is more than just having a great product or service. It starts with the roadmap customized to your needs, leading to smooth develompent and followed by extensive support. We’d Love to Hear From You, Get In Touch With Us!

10 Reasons Why?

  • Successfull collaboration
  • Knowing regulations
  • Long time experience
  • Cooperation with best experts
  • Satisfied customers
  • Offering whole services
  • Passion & experience
  • Advanced technologies
  • Research, development & testing
  • Attention to details
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MySpirit perfumes

High quality persistent perfumes at an affordable price!
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Perfumes only

We are producing only high quality Perfumes with the highest concentrate of essential oils.

True Perfume

All of our products are belonging to the family of perfumes and not into the categories of scented waters.

France ingredients

Our perfumes are manufactured from the best ingredients, originating directly from France Provanse.

Raw materials

A wide range of 100% pure and natural, certified organic and conventional, traditionally-farmed raw materials and pure and natural essential oils

Offer you can't refuse

Unbeatable price. Our quality products are not super expensive as you can experience with other brands.

More perfumes - same price

We are taking special care to our ratio between the price and quality and are able to supply you a lot more for the price of other brands.

Ultralight packaging

All our products are carefully stored and packed inside specially developed thin alluminium containers.

Perfect for every size and pocket

Every perfume is available in different sizes, where every size is carefully packed inside ultralight alluminum bottle called “Allumin”.

Why Choose MySpirit

  • Only the highest quality Perfumes
  • Quality ingredients from France, which provides the best durability
  • Excellent price, so you can have more different perfumes
  • Wide selection of perfumes – for every occasion and mood
  • Handy, lightweight unbreakable packaging in three sizes suitable for every occasion
  • Free shipping and easy and safe purchase
  • We care for animals; not tested on animals

Made in Slovenia